simply why

Every city has a gay scene, a part of town that’s vibrant and alive. loud music colourful people, a place where everyone accepts everyone or so you would assume.  however is that really so?  of course not because like anywhere in life there’s always someone who likes to make assumptions.  How unthinkable that an asian girl should be drunk let alone drunk in a gay night club, shock horror , oh please wake up this is not the dark ages , this is life in its full glory.  nevertheless throw out the white girl she’s clearly a bad influence NOT, because she was the one who held the girls hair back while her upchuck reflex worked all over the public walkway oops, she was the one who stroked her head and calmed her drunken tears, she was the one who was sober and respectful, the one who kept her friend safe , well all the while being spoke down to by the asian security guy  who clearly believed she was the one influencing. well let me set the record straight, first of all as humans we all have our own minds, can you force me to drink?  could you not clearly see the white girl was sober and totally caring for her drunken friend? clearly not because you treated badly !!  oh believe me she was stony sober , sober enough to call me and ask me be ready to help her in with this girl . boy that girl was ratted n couldnt  stand . here’s the best bit….next afternoon the girls mum came to collect her, lovely lady very much the epitome of an upstanding good muslim lady, how embarrassed i was when this lady asked me if her 19 almost 20 yr old daughter had been good for me and how lovely it was of me to invite her to my home for a movie night!!  when i looked at the girl she could not look at me , my own daughter , that white girl you were disgusted with shook her head n walked away , never having spoken to the girl again. so let’s get things right  my daughter was brought up with respect for herself and others no matter what race creed or colour, she knows right from wrong and not to lie.  lucky for you she was brought up that way because she could’ve left your oh my this girls been influenced asian and who knows what would’ve happened.  In future Mr assuming security guy think before you act , see beyond someone’s skin  colour.