simply why

Every city has a gay scene, a part of town that’s vibrant and alive. loud music colourful people, a place where everyone accepts everyone or so you would assume.  however is that really so?  of course not because like anywhere in life there’s always someone who likes to make assumptions.  How unthinkable that an asian girl should be drunk let alone drunk in a gay night club, shock horror , oh please wake up this is not the dark ages , this is life in its full glory.  nevertheless throw out the white girl she’s clearly a bad influence NOT, because she was the one who held the girls hair back while her upchuck reflex worked all over the public walkway oops, she was the one who stroked her head and calmed her drunken tears, she was the one who was sober and respectful, the one who kept her friend safe , well all the while being spoke down to by the asian security guy  who clearly believed she was the one influencing. well let me set the record straight, first of all as humans we all have our own minds, can you force me to drink?  could you not clearly see the white girl was sober and totally caring for her drunken friend? clearly not because you treated badly !!  oh believe me she was stony sober , sober enough to call me and ask me be ready to help her in with this girl . boy that girl was ratted n couldnt  stand . here’s the best bit….next afternoon the girls mum came to collect her, lovely lady very much the epitome of an upstanding good muslim lady, how embarrassed i was when this lady asked me if her 19 almost 20 yr old daughter had been good for me and how lovely it was of me to invite her to my home for a movie night!!  when i looked at the girl she could not look at me , my own daughter , that white girl you were disgusted with shook her head n walked away , never having spoken to the girl again. so let’s get things right  my daughter was brought up with respect for herself and others no matter what race creed or colour, she knows right from wrong and not to lie.  lucky for you she was brought up that way because she could’ve left your oh my this girls been influenced asian and who knows what would’ve happened.  In future Mr assuming security guy think before you act , see beyond someone’s skin  colour.


Immental the man’s a genius

Marcus Lee is most defo going places! Art noir maybe … I’m not gonna give away any details of the plot but people you need to watch … Xander Hewitt this guy will give Anthony Hopkins a run for his money!! Defo a leading man … more twist n turns than the Pepsi Max n I’m scared of heights …coffee n popcorn hmmm ok Starbucks it wasn’t but wet n warm does it plus it didn’t break the bank … so many characters in one room great atmosphere if maybe a bit scary I mean ya know sylvs got heavies 😉 .. is there a doc in the house ohhh a few to choose from ….if I had to pay to go watch this movie would I ? Oh yeah you know it!  It would be worth every penny ! Am I biased coz the director is mighty fine? Damn right I am 😉 but that said so is brad  Pitt but I very much doubt il get to meet him unless of course our man Marcus hits the big time n then I’m thinking red carpet crashing the party scene…sorry Angelina what can i say move over brad, time for me X to take the lead…great movie great cast great director but an even greater blogger 😉

you’re making us fatter

Every time I think its gonna be different im proved wrong! so I go to the gym I eat healthy I lower my cholesterol and I lose a stone which in theory means im no longer as big as I was, but, oh no not in the eyes of the manufacturers  of a certain cheap town centre fashion shop, size 18 oh please give me a break, nowt like making a person with low self esteem and zero confidence feel even lower. The question is what can be done about it?

Today for instance I tried on a size 14 coat it didn’t go near me so I tried a 16 and guess what that didn’t touch me either ! however something seemed sinister, I got my daughter to hold up the 16 n I put the size 14 next to it, yes uve guessed it , they were both exactly the same size !!  maybe pay more money and find a manufacturer that actually knows how to make clothes and that realises that there is a big difference between a size 14 and a size 16, and neither of which is a size 18.

I am a size 14 in every shop except 1, I guess shopping cheap has its drawbacks , and the biggest one is having the already low confidence knocked lower, goodbye primark it was a pleasure to know you, well it was when we first met 😉


ok where to start ! maybe the long walk up hill through the very muddy woods coz I was lost, or just signing a lady to twitter and forgetting the password after 2 mins, why did I get lost hmm ask jack black not the real one just jack , on the plus side he did make a cuppa and its warm here , brain freeze someone tell us the password , never mind how many people does it take to change a lightbulb , how many people does it take to recover an email? I did it ! obviously I would tho as im a women and we just do.

next stop the office , a quick in n out play with the dog n a dash down to joeys for a healthy lunch , jump in jack blacks car n off to kippax my ideal place to live, picturesque in the summer all postcard like and quiet.

now I love working with the elderly its cool listening to stories of old , days gone by ect , these guys here are so young elderly omdz im the old one no kidding, the dmnd guy he is a real detail n question guy bless him sat telling some great stories, getting us laughing, theres never enough laughter, whats sweet is the fact the gap between generations is not here, this gentleman is telling a young volunteer all about Winston Churchill and they are both laughing as if this history lesson is the most natural thing in the world.

I’m sat redundant , my lady has run off , guess I really am scary , wrong; shes actually  gone to get her laptop.

mr cheeky is sat with me hes so sweet but I can guarantee he was a real ladies man proper charmer, im sure, well now im off to give him a quick tour of the old musicals yes grease is old, and try to steer him away from trying to get me on a date :/

33 yrs still no closer

Every morning I went to high school with fresh bruises, in scruffy clothes with matted hair, every night I’d go home cry myself to sleep after all who wanted to befriend me?
Then I met Della, with her cheeky smile and infectious laugh I knew I’d found my soul mate, we went to an all girls school and no one liked us, I was the scruffy smelly kid ( gosh my step mother really loved me ) n Della was the weirdo ( oh but she wasn’t she was beautiful kind n funny ) we got called names esp lesbians , funny looking back haha we were defo not lesbians, we loved acting crazy , running through the hospital corridors after nicking bars of chocolate from the shop, setting off school fire alarms, n going on strike, but the best bit was being 14/15 n getting all glammed up to go out , we thought we looked hot haha, red satin disco pants n boob tubes ( believe it or not I had no boobs haha ) spikey hair purple blusher n lips black eyes and glitter ! In fact the glitter went everywhere, we didn’t care who hated us we loved each other we were friends for life.
However life had other ideas, we left school and that was it, seperate ways, hell I missed Della so much I searched n asked people but no joy, we never had computers let alone facebook back then, so I just had to accept I’d lost my best friend forever.
30+ years past I’d got married had 8 children got divorced n been through some pretty horrific things ( none of which is relevant right now ) when I thought hey I’ve got a laptop I’m gonna find her and I did !!! I was so excited I couldn’t wait to see her, I messaged and when I got a reply I was so excited I could hardly see the screen through tears of joy which very quickly became tears of sadness, you see Della lives in Australia and I can’t get there 😦 I’d searched for 30+ years and was no closer, we talk nearly everyday on Facebook but neither if us are in a position to afford the air fare and now it’s down to me because my best friend my soul mate is not in good health, time is running out for us we ain’t getting any younger and my Della can’t do such a long flight, so I’m asking for all who read this to help me plz I don’t want your money I want to make my own money to pay for my daughter and me to get to Australia and my friend who I’ve not seen in 33 years, so here’s what I want you to do , GIVE ME A JOB PLZ .

Cheap n tasty 1

A lot of us are struggling to make ends meet so I thought I’d lean away from my usual blog stuff n share some cheap meals that warm ya up n fill the feeling called hunger for food in ya belly.

Quick n tasty sausage

1 packet of Richmond thin sausages (12 in a pack)
3 medium potatoes
2 tins of chopped tomatoes
1 large onion
1 medium tin of sweetcorn and peas
Course black pepper
Mixed dry herbs

Pre heat oven Gas mark 6 ( don’t know electric setting )
Peel n wash potatoes chop in to smallish shapes ( as if for small roast) place in pan of water n cook till just turning soft drain and put in large ovenproof dish.
Heat 2 tbls of oil ( prefer olive ) and pour over potatoes.
Chop uncooked sausages and mix in with potatoes, open tomatoes and pour over, finely chop onion add to dish also add peas n sweetcorn, sprinkle over mixed herbs and black pepper give a stir n place in oven for 40 mins, cook on gas mark 6 for 30 mins the take out n stir, place back in for last 10 mins on lower setting ,or until potatoes are crispy, server with bread rolls or alone , warm and tasty either way.

Hope you enjoy this tasty n filling meal, more cheap n easy recipes to follow .

So I can’t dance

30 years I’ve waited to hear you live, ever since reckless hit the uk, I have DVDs CDs books pictures now I’m my framed photo I have 2 tickets! My dream of going to ur concert came true? All the times you came to the uk I couldn’t come for various reasons, then I lost my job and the money I saved I used to support my daughter who is 15, I’m mum and dad 🙂 I don’t mind goin with out to give her what she needs especially now as life is dealing some pretty cruel hands right now, then I heard you were coming back to the uk for the reckless anniversary tour but no way could I afford it I mean hell I can’t afford Christmas let alone rocking in the arena 😦 however my oldest daughter had other plans her n my son-in-law bought me 2 tickets as an early 50th bday gift, omg I was ecstatic I swear I couldn’t wait, I was seeing my life long hero!! I didn’t have new clothes I even had the get the megabus ( never again ) but on November 18th 2014 at just after 8pm my hero rocked the motorpoint in Sheffield , me n my 15 yr old were 30 rows back irony in its glory I waited 30 yrs n was 30 rows away haha then near the end my daughter was dragging me to the front i was so excited I could get a real good photo but no way shock horror my phone had died !!! But it didn’t dampen my spirits because you were there in front of us 🙂 anyway I got home n charged my phone I was so excited I wanted to tweet you and say what a great time we had, I seen you tweeted lots of ppl back so I thought cool il get a RT coz everyone seemed to, however I’d never got one the time I excitedly tweeted you a pic of my tickets , I tweeted a picture of the concert like everyone else did but I never got a RT 🙂 so you see I’m not young and curvy I don’t have lots of money in fact I’m short old fat n skint lol I’m even saving hard to but the new album because I still faithfully believe ur a nice person but I guess this old rock chick really ain’t worth a tweet 😦 oh n I can’t dance 😉