Immental the man’s a genius

Marcus Lee is most defo going places! Art noir maybe … I’m not gonna give away any details of the plot but people you need to watch … Xander Hewitt this guy will give Anthony Hopkins a run for his money!! Defo a leading man … more twist n turns than the Pepsi Max n I’m scared of heights …coffee n popcorn hmmm ok Starbucks it wasn’t but wet n warm does it plus it didn’t break the bank … so many characters in one room great atmosphere if maybe a bit scary I mean ya know sylvs got heavies 😉 .. is there a doc in the house ohhh a few to choose from ….if I had to pay to go watch this movie would I ? Oh yeah you know it!  It would be worth every penny ! Am I biased coz the director is mighty fine? Damn right I am 😉 but that said so is brad  Pitt but I very much doubt il get to meet him unless of course our man Marcus hits the big time n then I’m thinking red carpet crashing the party scene…sorry Angelina what can i say move over brad, time for me X to take the lead…great movie great cast great director but an even greater blogger 😉


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