you’re making us fatter

Every time I think its gonna be different im proved wrong! so I go to the gym I eat healthy I lower my cholesterol and I lose a stone which in theory means im no longer as big as I was, but, oh no not in the eyes of the manufacturers  of a certain cheap town centre fashion shop, size 18 oh please give me a break, nowt like making a person with low self esteem and zero confidence feel even lower. The question is what can be done about it?

Today for instance I tried on a size 14 coat it didn’t go near me so I tried a 16 and guess what that didn’t touch me either ! however something seemed sinister, I got my daughter to hold up the 16 n I put the size 14 next to it, yes uve guessed it , they were both exactly the same size !!  maybe pay more money and find a manufacturer that actually knows how to make clothes and that realises that there is a big difference between a size 14 and a size 16, and neither of which is a size 18.

I am a size 14 in every shop except 1, I guess shopping cheap has its drawbacks , and the biggest one is having the already low confidence knocked lower, goodbye primark it was a pleasure to know you, well it was when we first met 😉


3 thoughts on “you’re making us fatter

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