ok where to start ! maybe the long walk up hill through the very muddy woods coz I was lost, or just signing a lady to twitter and forgetting the password after 2 mins, why did I get lost hmm ask jack black not the real one just jack , on the plus side he did make a cuppa and its warm here , brain freeze someone tell us the password , never mind how many people does it take to change a lightbulb , how many people does it take to recover an email? I did it ! obviously I would tho as im a women and we just do.

next stop the office , a quick in n out play with the dog n a dash down to joeys for a healthy lunch , jump in jack blacks car n off to kippax my ideal place to live, picturesque in the summer all postcard like and quiet.

now I love working with the elderly its cool listening to stories of old , days gone by ect , these guys here are so young elderly omdz im the old one no kidding, the dmnd guy he is a real detail n question guy bless him sat telling some great stories, getting us laughing, theres never enough laughter, whats sweet is the fact the gap between generations is not here, this gentleman is telling a young volunteer all about Winston Churchill and they are both laughing as if this history lesson is the most natural thing in the world.

I’m sat redundant , my lady has run off , guess I really am scary , wrong; shes actually  gone to get her laptop.

mr cheeky is sat with me hes so sweet but I can guarantee he was a real ladies man proper charmer, im sure, well now im off to give him a quick tour of the old musicals yes grease is old, and try to steer him away from trying to get me on a date :/


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