33 yrs still no closer

Every morning I went to high school with fresh bruises, in scruffy clothes with matted hair, every night I’d go home cry myself to sleep after all who wanted to befriend me?
Then I met Della, with her cheeky smile and infectious laugh I knew I’d found my soul mate, we went to an all girls school and no one liked us, I was the scruffy smelly kid ( gosh my step mother really loved me ) n Della was the weirdo ( oh but she wasn’t she was beautiful kind n funny ) we got called names esp lesbians , funny looking back haha we were defo not lesbians, we loved acting crazy , running through the hospital corridors after nicking bars of chocolate from the shop, setting off school fire alarms, n going on strike, but the best bit was being 14/15 n getting all glammed up to go out , we thought we looked hot haha, red satin disco pants n boob tubes ( believe it or not I had no boobs haha ) spikey hair purple blusher n lips black eyes and glitter ! In fact the glitter went everywhere, we didn’t care who hated us we loved each other we were friends for life.
However life had other ideas, we left school and that was it, seperate ways, hell I missed Della so much I searched n asked people but no joy, we never had computers let alone facebook back then, so I just had to accept I’d lost my best friend forever.
30+ years past I’d got married had 8 children got divorced n been through some pretty horrific things ( none of which is relevant right now ) when I thought hey I’ve got a laptop I’m gonna find her and I did !!! I was so excited I couldn’t wait to see her, I messaged and when I got a reply I was so excited I could hardly see the screen through tears of joy which very quickly became tears of sadness, you see Della lives in Australia and I can’t get there 😦 I’d searched for 30+ years and was no closer, we talk nearly everyday on Facebook but neither if us are in a position to afford the air fare and now it’s down to me because my best friend my soul mate is not in good health, time is running out for us we ain’t getting any younger and my Della can’t do such a long flight, so I’m asking for all who read this to help me plz I don’t want your money I want to make my own money to pay for my daughter and me to get to Australia and my friend who I’ve not seen in 33 years, so here’s what I want you to do , GIVE ME A JOB PLZ .


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