So I can’t dance

30 years I’ve waited to hear you live, ever since reckless hit the uk, I have DVDs CDs books pictures now I’m my framed photo I have 2 tickets! My dream of going to ur concert came true? All the times you came to the uk I couldn’t come for various reasons, then I lost my job and the money I saved I used to support my daughter who is 15, I’m mum and dad 🙂 I don’t mind goin with out to give her what she needs especially now as life is dealing some pretty cruel hands right now, then I heard you were coming back to the uk for the reckless anniversary tour but no way could I afford it I mean hell I can’t afford Christmas let alone rocking in the arena 😦 however my oldest daughter had other plans her n my son-in-law bought me 2 tickets as an early 50th bday gift, omg I was ecstatic I swear I couldn’t wait, I was seeing my life long hero!! I didn’t have new clothes I even had the get the megabus ( never again ) but on November 18th 2014 at just after 8pm my hero rocked the motorpoint in Sheffield , me n my 15 yr old were 30 rows back irony in its glory I waited 30 yrs n was 30 rows away haha then near the end my daughter was dragging me to the front i was so excited I could get a real good photo but no way shock horror my phone had died !!! But it didn’t dampen my spirits because you were there in front of us 🙂 anyway I got home n charged my phone I was so excited I wanted to tweet you and say what a great time we had, I seen you tweeted lots of ppl back so I thought cool il get a RT coz everyone seemed to, however I’d never got one the time I excitedly tweeted you a pic of my tickets , I tweeted a picture of the concert like everyone else did but I never got a RT 🙂 so you see I’m not young and curvy I don’t have lots of money in fact I’m short old fat n skint lol I’m even saving hard to but the new album because I still faithfully believe ur a nice person but I guess this old rock chick really ain’t worth a tweet 😦 oh n I can’t dance 😉


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