I have had a fun two days, helped of course by the fact Mr Dry always makes me smile n apparently smiling produces happy hormones so I’m feeling happy, because I will succeed, how cool will it be to laze about on a hot beach watching Aussie surfing dudes wax their boards?

some great people learning some new things, I must say I didn’t want it to end, did a bit of phone number swapping , ate a bit to much , hell I need the gym really badly n I know its gonna hurt but im there already.

Just for the record tho, I actually don’t like steak, give me a curry or chicken any day.

Goals is over and now im back in the hub helping a new visitor connect to the net.

No idea where Hot Jon is, maybe ive scared him off , ”hey where ya gone”?

I am a good person I am a good person I am a good person , repetition is the key in fact its a way of life at the moment and a very useful one its gonna be .

The sun is shining the surfers are hot , my Goal is totally achievable n damn right I love Mr Dry, He walked through my front door at exactly the right time and planted the thought of , ” maybe I can ” and now after finally attending and actively taking part in Goals I am able to remove the ‘ maybe’ and shout a clear ”I CAN” thank you Mr Dry.