Back where i belong

Feels good to be home, I think I kinda missed this place, the lady with there hair looking for styles, my mate Mo quietly tapping away, n of course Hot John haha nothing changes , everything is as it was.

Goals is looming close, I mean I don’t even know why im nervous its not like I don’t know Mr Dry or anyone else come to that, its more of a confidence thing, ok yeah I can hear ya all :/ but seriously guys come on I really am the shy type what can I say.

im almost sure everyone is hiding, I knew I should of kept quiet n not tweeted I was coming haha.

come on guys I need material , I need people to talk about , I feel like Bjork ” its oh so quiet ”.

what I really need is someone famous to walk in , I mean yeah ok im here im famous , total diva , but really can I actually write about myself .

hey a fleeting glimpse of snapchat , kind of a toe dip in n out .

was hoping to catch up with my main girl flash , well I did at least get a quick hi hows it going with Mr B 😉

life in the hub is like a cruise down the river today , slowly bobbing along without a proverbial care in the world, till of course I leave here n its back to the real world ..


Posh ? No just the food

If you think an annual general meeting is boring then ya sure ain’t been to a Leeds fed AGM.
Apart from learning a whole heap of interesting facts as to what various people do, I got to catch up with faces old and new, The chair was comfortable and spoke with a passion , pass me the mic please matt question time with a lady she actually is a lovely women , councillor Blake , snapchats hugo bus is a dream defo need a Thelma n Louise, can I get a roadtrip 😉 plush interior , flying saucers just what a girl wants.
People and property, flash n bo, pure genius it helps that bo is like hot much and flash never fails to make me giggle haha , enigmatic jeez girl ya forgot the red carpet, and why oh why was there no champers, I mean I’m a star, well I think I am haha only joking diva diva diva, glad I got an invite tho made me feel really important not just a resident so I’m guessing you fed guys are more than just a landlord, was nice to see Mr P been a while, shame the Big Bro was missing I’m sure there was an interesting story there , well this is late in arriving but plzzz divas do it right 😉
On a serious note, well done leeds fed on being more than just a landlord.