i dont shop at Asda

well would you believe i found joshua kadisons ‘jesse’and no she aint painting a picture about how it used to be, n she aint really Josh’s Jesse , she B.I.T.M.O Jess n shes sat on the hugo bus with me at Asda ,  ‘jess grab some pegs while ya shopping please’, yup i dont do smells n something sure stinks on here today n it aint me coz sure takes care of that.

just had a lovely chat with the local community police lady helped her with a few ideas of summer in leeds for the kids. ok so that was my good deed of the day.

well ive worked in some quiet places but this is taking quiet to a whole new level, i could be sunbathing in the costa del Asda car park but no im sat with me peg  waiting for customers, and admiring the scenery , riggott has some hot stuff going on .

sat daydreaming , we need michael mcintyre here coz he would bring in the crowds n this lil bus would be rocking. do i have to actually streak round the car park to get people on board HMS Hugo? more likely to chase of potential customers but hey right now anything to keep my mind of chocolate , omdz my daughter had a day with a chocolatier and her handmade chocs were mm mm!!

this has to be the shortest post ive done but there really is nothing to tell , we are in south leeds Asda on the hugo bus the sun is blazing me n Jess are quietly typing away whilst waiting for victims oops i meant customers , yes yes the sun is getting to me , i feel like im in sunny spain or is that wishful thinking , i kid u not its red hot here today .

so well Jess is sat here contemplating on buying a razor  ( gosh jess noooooooooo dont do it plz its not worth it ) something about was it mowing the lawn or the amazonian rainforest, neither of which a razor is equipped to do, i casually said we should have the bus parked on the beach, jess comes out with ‘ well at least you can get off n walk around here’ hmm yup Jess cool idea lets stroll around asda car park, take in the views , lovely trolley park in the corner n omdz wait is that a land cruiser parked in the CAR PARK ?

on that note ima gonna leave ya to live laugh even love the blog n the women behind it!! ciao me lovelies till next time ….