Not what you think

Do you ever have those times when you are sat thinking ‘what’s it all about Alfie ‘ well that’s what I’m doing now, I don’t ever big myself up but just this once I’m gonna say I’m damn good at what I do so why is it no one ever offers me a paid job?

oh don’t get me wrong I don’t mean blogging I do this for you entertainment, I don’t mean giving talks on social media in the housing sector either I mean obviously there’s bigger people than me out there but do they do wit and humour with serious undertones? Are they people friendly? 

There I am  sitting at a table teaching people how to use a computer and social media ect  which may I add I enjoy but here’s the bit I don’t get are you ready for this……. There’s no vacancies ! Only there are vacancies for volunteers 🙂 your under qualified ! But your qualified enough to volunteer 🙂 now I don’t know about you guys but I see no logic in that in fact id say it was verging on oxymoron country .

now I’m not asking for a lot just a job that pays enough for me to support my family , sixteen small hours a week, surely that’s not to difficult , surely if there is no job then you must be equipped to invent one ? How about someone who travels around teaching IT and social media skills to various people with various levels of techno knowledge , after all isn’t that what I’m already doing 🙂 only difference being I do it for nothing . 


One thought on “Not what you think

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