Not what you think

Do you ever have those times when you are sat thinking ‘what’s it all about Alfie ‘ well that’s what I’m doing now, I don’t ever big myself up but just this once I’m gonna say I’m damn good at what I do so why is it no one ever offers me a paid job?

oh don’t get me wrong I don’t mean blogging I do this for you entertainment, I don’t mean giving talks on social media in the housing sector either I mean obviously there’s bigger people than me out there but do they do wit and humour with serious undertones? Are they people friendly? 

There I am  sitting at a table teaching people how to use a computer and social media ect  which may I add I enjoy but here’s the bit I don’t get are you ready for this……. There’s no vacancies ! Only there are vacancies for volunteers 🙂 your under qualified ! But your qualified enough to volunteer 🙂 now I don’t know about you guys but I see no logic in that in fact id say it was verging on oxymoron country .

now I’m not asking for a lot just a job that pays enough for me to support my family , sixteen small hours a week, surely that’s not to difficult , surely if there is no job then you must be equipped to invent one ? How about someone who travels around teaching IT and social media skills to various people with various levels of techno knowledge , after all isn’t that what I’m already doing 🙂 only difference being I do it for nothing . 



I love old folk probably coz im almost ( i say this lightly ) one of them , here i am sat in a community centre with a beautiful garden ( im thinking BBQs ) waiting to do some IT lessons with our luverly folks of cragside, and what a fun day we will have, Jack ‘Black’ n the super cool Ash are here too, fun times !!!

, met some supers cool peeps, Pat is a legend she has a tablet!! and she is a whizz on it, she loves arts n crafts and showed me some crochet n tatting that shes done so i showed her Pinterest and we were soon cooking on gas!
SuperC Ash was working with Betty, shes a lovely Young at heart lady who is a fellow southerner like me, id love to spend a day with her she is so full of life, Eastbourne aint gonna know whats hit them , yup these guys are to the beautiful southern seaside for a few days, im well jel but oh well il get to hear all about it next week, along with a new customer ive got interested in Pinertest.

well its auvoir cragside n bonjour ingles, Bjork springs to mind here , ‘its oh so quiet’ Jack ‘black’ n super c are sat in a lil huddle type thing doing a bit of male bonding, well ive been banished to the corner ,all alone !! where are all the people ? hmmm i need people, but i so dont like the door knocking thing but hey needs must n all that. Jack is so good with picking low fat sarnies but ummm Jack plz those blues are sour ewww.

im thinking ahead , im thinking bridging the gap, actually im thinking ‘Big brother n me ‘ lunch with Mr A im hoping is gonna be very productive for all involved, ok so this has nowt to do with ingles but please! its amazing what ya can think about or plan when ur sat in an empty room listening to Jack ‘Black’ n Super C chattin away, leaving me with just the laptop for company , OMDZ i must buy some new deodrant im guess i smell !! ciao for now im off to learn the old fashioned art of door knocking..