Good morning Leeds, yup its been a while but im back to rock this place! we have a full house on the bus this morning, 6 kids n us , us as in Jack ‘black’ n Ashley n myself, fairs, minecraft n black ops is the main convo , then something caught my ear! Ashley mentioned a vacancy in the royal household 🙂 yes THE royal family omdz thats so me , i mean come on guys picture it , me n the Queen chatting about twitter n sipping tea. I’d be like ma’am lets do this thing , lets blog  about life in the palace….

I know ya are all feeling this right now , gosh im so gonna apply coz its like totes amazing innit, i mean the Queen n me we’d be great friends andddd maybe i cud be her companion on a trip to say Australia 😉

curious phone call i just had, some weirdo is going to eat my cat!! well if i get home n she aint there im guessing someone will be sat eating furballs ! Justin Bieber is here, oops my bad its a lil lad singing baby baby , hmm n he dont like the Beebs ? In secret he probs listen to all his songs….

I think Jack ‘Black’ should go find me some chocolate to help me recover from the thought of my cat being turned into some weird edible stuff, but no chance coz Jacks a man n they dont have the built in powers of knowing what a women wants..

On that note il say au voir till next time, enjoy ya day but not too much ,n tune in soon for story time live on the hugo bus…


Life on the river

Here I am at Magellan house, n who knew I’d be so out of touch , must say tho after seeing snappy n goldilocks even the guy with the camera known as wheely I’ve suddenly realised how much I miss the guys at fed !  Well this is a trip up the river without even being on the river kinda weird but yeah I do weird anyway. There’s something quite relaxing about watching rain fall on the river, it must be the way the ripples ripple, yay  wheely waved, kinda sorta fits in with the whole river thing, just wondering where Rosie n Jim are, must be floating along on the old ragdoll, Lucy is an artist as well as a dry land synchronised mermaid, her hugo bus is so very Picasso .my Ab Fab daughter fondly known as tic is gonna be doing some fashionista, totally cool for a diva,snappy is floating comfortably about mingling with the river peeps, hey wheely the pink tassel earrings just ain’t doing it for ya huni,who is the mysterious guy with the dark locks and of course the lady with gorgeous purple hair , all these amazing people in one space n then ya get me blogging away, about absolutely nothing.

i could say so much and no one would know haha it’s so funny watching the view, listening to various conversation which ur not actually part of but at the same time very much part of , so no Jeremy now that’s a shame as I’ve still not met him, well next time ya see me I’m so gonna look like a pretzel , hmm retro vintage with a touch of nouveau , I’m not very good at the whole look at me I’ve just walked in thing that’s going on in places but hey oh my job is to blog , wheely is deep in convo as is snappy , tic is in hair n make-up well the lovely goldilocks is deciding if she’s gonna hop over the river to tesco, hmm so miss flowery dress is looking summery in a no love ya ain’t that gorgeous type of way, here have a face wipe n clean up a bit coz that’s so last years look.

Is wheely bored not sure but hey save by the blonde, ( lad ) omdz I love this place it’s so mish mash kinda like me . Well all in all things are pretty much quiet on the banks of the river Aire , life is merrily floating along, the fashionistas are almost ready , goldilocks is now known as da ghetto gyal n I’m about to speak to phill coz he works for the council n ya know where there’s a council there’s me .