For me

When I think no one cares or appreciates me again I’m going to remember today. 

Jack ‘black’ knocked my door and handed me an envelope which I opened and found a thank you card and two gift vouchers I feel a bit silly because I cried, I don’t do things to get thanks but because I like to help people and anyway helping you Guys is in turn helping me, but I’m so happy that you all cared about what I do and thank you Hot John  snapchatsue jack ‘black ‘ and goldilocks!!! 

so people when you think to yourselfs Leeds fed are just yor landlords I ask you to read this post and you will see that they are so much more than that! They are the Hugo family they are the people who help with debts they are the people that listen and they are the people that gave me a chance when no one else would. 

Thank you sue jack jon kielly doc n my mate Joe .


In life or online, to me the same

I know a lot of people who won’t use social media because they are worried about privacy and safety, I understand all to well about these issues and I would like to try to help alleviate those fears so you can enjoy social media. imagine being able to use things like Facebook or Skype to connect to friends and family that you otherwise couldn’t have much contact with, imagine being able to talk to your family abroad every single day! How awesome would that be? 

Well you can and without stress and fear, you have to make choices based on trust In Life all the time, you go to the local store an use your credit card do you worry that someone is going to steal your identity? Maybe, but does it put you off using your credit card ? well it’s the same online,there are trusted and free sites to use Facebook and Skype being just two of them, then theres privacy well imagine you are in a room of lets say ten people and they were spread out around the room, you had something to say but you only wanted a few of them to hear it my guess is you would limit your audience by either telling the people one by one in quiet or waiting till another time when you could speak alone to those you needed to , well it’s the same on Facebook all you do is go into your sercurity and choose who sees what you write and obviously you can privately send a message to people , and there is an option to use a chat application which allows you to converse one to one instantly if the person you want  to talk to is online at the same time . 

Dont let your fears or worries stop you from enjoying the freedom to communicate all over the world with social media. 


To you she was just a cat, to you she was a big fur ball to me she was part of the family, big fat family cat.

Nearly 24 yrs old, a loyal indoor cat that I found when she was just hours old wriggling about in a netto bag on dewsbury road a busy main rd in south Leeds .

i sat up night after night feeding her baby milk from a syringe every hour until she was strong enough to walk ofer to her dish of food.

pretty soon lucky became a mum a good one at that, in fact she went on to have four sets of kittens and even adopted a stray!

lucky wasn’t a cat who would come and sit with you or let you stroke her instead she curled  up on the kitchen chair, but these last few week she let me hold her.

on Saturday I picked her up and she cried, I already knew she was ill, she had lost so much weight and she couldnt sit or walk right well , she ate little n slept a lot .

sunday I held her and she had tears in her I eyes, I knew she was asking me to let her go, so yesterday monday 17th march at 16.10 I took her to the vets knowing what was going to happen.

the vet said I’d given her a long and happy life but I now had to do one more thing for her, I had to give her the right to die, she had cancer and was in so much pain, the vet said I knew this already and that is why I put off taking her and so I held lucky and looked her in the eyes I told her I loved her and said my last goodbye as the vet gave her eternal Sleep . 

I think I cried an ocean , almost 24yrs lucky lived with our family her tired eyes had seen enough , she was more than just a cat ! Lucky was our family cat. 

Can I do serious? Of course

Blogging for other people can be challenging, it’s not just about words but about how they want you to get their point across.

Are you blogging about their personal or business life? How do they want you to portray either? 

You cannot just say what you want for instance, if I’m blogging for myself or from my point of view then I will put the words down how I speak them which as many know is straight to the point and hopefully has the laugh factor, where as if I was asked to write a blog or article on life on the poverty line from a professional view them my wording is important as is my meanings and I could never publish with out my article being approved first , there are obviously both legalities and a code of ethics to consider.

My strength lies in my passion for writing , my ability to talk to anyone in life , my life experiences and my love of caring about others, all this means I give a hundred per cent in all I do.

Yes I’m a little ditzy quirky n in your face, yes I’m feisty tough and straight to the point I’ve had to be , however I’m kind caring an compassionate , I have feelings and emotions and as much as I laugh nearly all the time and turn everything into a joke , I cry and hurt the same as everyone, I certainly would never purposely hurt anyone and I would never be rude, I guess you either love me or hate me no inbetweens.

Can I write a serious blog or article ? Yes of course I can.


Jack n me went to the Studio in Manchester to deliver a workshop to some very influential people, omg Nick you are like up there n im stood chatting away like we were munching chips on the beach, HUGO and the BIG BROTHER love this its a great title , need to have a serious chat with this guy, there’s potential to have bridges running from Leeds to halton.

Back to the perfect storm NHCdigi14 to say I was nervous would be an understatement how ever could I sit an face an audience of business people so high up corporate ones at that and keep their attention? all the way there im making excuses to get out of it, ‘hey jack lets go in the pub’ or ‘wow there’s a police museum, lets go in there’ jacks reply, ‘on the way back’, there was no getting out of it, so I decided my audience were all gonna be one person well not actually one but thirty plus of this one person, that way I wouldn’t have a problem, at least not in the talking sense ;).

We arrive at the studio just in time for a cuppa n a quick jump into the C room to listen to John P’s workshop, so yeah my name was already live n I appear haha thx John. lunchtime mm mm delish I think id go again just to eat, well ok a bit extreme but compliments to the chef!

Our turn had arrived time to sit n face my own perfect storm, I had to do this not only for myself but for the Hugos especially Snapchatsue, Sue had invested so much faith in me I couldn’t let her down, I wouldn’t let her down it just wasn’t an option.

Jack took to the floor, and he was way cool even if he was nervous it didn’t show, that’s why I love working with him , his calmness keeps my ditzy head level, now it was my turn, ” do you wanna speak?” says Jack, ” uh yes, I was waiting for you”, then I hear someone say, ”yes let her speak”, I start of with an ice-breaker of ” hey people first let me tell you, Zumba aint fun n Google is here” pointing at Jack , then I gave it everything I had , n unbelievably I got an applause!! first ever and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it.

All in all it was a brilliant day n I got to meet some great people whom I hope to meet again and maybe work alongside in the near future.

Many thanks to all involved for having us and A huge thanks to Snapchatsue for investing faith into me, I hope is was justified.

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelie is a man

let me just say yayyy wheeley ur the man! The ppl on the bus go wooohoo , so like are ya gonna chauffer us around I mean like anywhere ‘from Paris to Berlin’, no? oh well south leeds it is then.
well its been a productive morning today, we managed to get a certain teenager blogging woohoo with help from jazzy chocs n jack ‘black’ .
Dom ‘is that joly’ is fast becoming silent j , aww
silent im defo gonna go search the deep dark past just in case someone has left me a small fortune.
Alice branning yes I mean eastenders Alice has escaped her cell and has joined us today on the Hugo bus 🙂 haha you seriously think Alice is sat here sorry guys but she is our Alice and im hoping we made her first visit to the hugo bus a fun one.
its been a crazy few days but well worth every second, a weekend at popupbussiness which I loved so very glad I went, cant thank Hot John enough for having faith in me , Mark n Laura these guys are great and a bit mysterious hmmm Mark the 8 of clubs??
I really thought I needed to have Mr dry or snapchat with me but hey I did it on my own..
we got high school girls on the bus n jack ‘black’ has got me working , signing them both to learn my way omdz one direction fan and lady gaga bless them its a passing phase !!

Doing it for ourselves

Sat here people watching while Mr G talks a very good floor . Give me my phone please says the lady next to me, umm no love il give that a pass I kinda like your phone ask me another 6 times n il let ya have it!

the undercut guy well he’s done his homework nice weebly love , now wheres mine . Eh Mr G what music ? See my Daughter n Mr G think they can hear music , I think it all in the water.

bill and ben ( I mean that in an affectionate way) seem to in awe I’m not sure what I tho maybe the insulate mug in Mr G’s hand.

 I keep feeling like there should be water nearby I think it’s coz Ms Aquatics does it without water.

omg you know ya daughters ya daughter when she is out there ! Proud parent smile on face.

we are all in awe now !! Yup over 20k ppl n a 10 yr old boy is all over that floor !! Hell he can hold it down no fear!!

Ms V now there’s a monologue ( excuse the pun ) but talking lady bits haha I get it, power to the women , Emmaline Pankhurst n the suffragettes already had the niche on women power, kings chains n fences if my history tutor taught me well.

hahaha so many paranoid faces in one room ya can hear their thoughts ” omg what is she saying” guys I’m not saying owt, I’m just doing what I do, blogging about you!!