Change or different sometimes the same

well I was hanging  out and blogging at aire valley homes today I was a bit in the frame of mind ” this ain’t Leeds fed and I don’t feel comfortable here but then I felt a bit mean because to be fair I had a great day  and was made to feel welcome , and Richard  makes a nice cuppa, he also is a lovely person always made sure we had drinks and that we were ok,in the words of Wycliffe ” perfect gentlemen” I think it’s fair to say you get used to things that become ur comfort zone and you feel that other places and people won’t be the same, but today helped me to see that it’s ok to step out of ur comfort zone and try new things, you’ll be surprised how adaptable you are to new places and to see that there are cool people outside ur comfort zone .


and then there was wheely

learning about social media with John P ( theres something about John I find fascinating ) I even agreed to a voice interview with him , hell I hate listening to my own voice…

Aire valley have some really cool guys working there, Frank just ask , I love him already hes so tall omg!!! Nick you are the best  ( he noticed my talent ) these fed guys need to seriously consider hiring me as a column writer I can do it I really can ( eww I sound bad John ) yes I was listening to myself satin the boardroom talking about social media and how it involves story telling and let’s face it we all have a story to tell but we don’t all have the voice to tell it. It’s about removing the obstacles like shyness fear of letting go , privacy issues, John holds the floor so well when explaining story telling and how it’s used in social media, John fascinates me there is something about John that leaves me wanting more, more words more stories more social media ..


I don’t really have a problem with any off those as such its more of a cover though , I don’t actually let people see the real me I think because letting down barriers leads to getting hurt, hence removing the barriers.

we even watched a video  that John did at a cricket match !! Mr dry where were you haha .

well its getting real busy here and I don’t know whose who , so many new faces , aww Richard has been so cool today he is promoting my name to everyone woohoo , oneday il be noticed, me n John P sitting munching away on salad bar food n im waiting for a mcflurry , yes I know im on a diet but hey ive been hard at it today so a treat is much needed.

im very much looking forward to another session at 2pm with John P and the the team , in the mean time il leave you with a thought of the day………….never think its out of reach, even if you cant touch it, believe its in your grasp



Inside out outside in

Lilac days and heady nights

walking through rivers surrounded by song

so many people yet it’s only us

sounds of the ocean gentle like waves

blossom softly falling while fires burn deep

quietly hearing like loudness that beats

watching you breath like a kiss tasting sweet

laying beside you safe I feel in arms that love

promising forever truth to keep vows in gold

yours and mine ours to hold.

Feeling melancholy acting nonchalant

Feels like I’ve not been in the hub or on the hugo bus in forever, kinda feel a bit lost , I seem to come alive there.

goldilocks quietly typing away, doc reading my blog, hot john thinking up games , jack ‘black’ just laughing Mr dry casually walking in n out n snapchat chatting,so it’s pretty hard to not miss these guys.

instead I’m sat at my kitchen table looking like death playing 3D ludo with my 2 boisterous grandsons, not that I mind playing ludo but , I do mind looking and feeling like I’m 90, I guess that’s what one day in the fun factory does to you!

im actually sat here acting nonchalant about feeling melancholy 🙂

Swing out sister

Have ya missed me? I knew you had but hey I’m in demand what can I say. 

yestetday I went to my place of employment and yes I got through a whole shift with not too much drama even tho I was bussing tables, even had to throw out a group if cannabis smoking lads who actually thought that if they jumped over the table and stood in front of me nose to nose that I’d go to jelly and run haha seriously guys grip up, I was a teenage on the notorious  yellow brick road ( north Peckham estate ) south east london , why the hell are you gonna bother me.

so as I was saying not to much drama and as it goes everyone was hugging me and aww Jodie glad ya back we’ve missed ya hahaha bunch of jokers where were ya when I needed ya . 

Still think certain people should give me a job ( Leeds fed ) il keep trying I can actually be quiet persuasive haha however I do like a challenge 😉

White shirts and suits

Do the CEOs of multi national fast food chains actually care about their crew? The answer from my prospective is a big un-adulterated NO and here’s the reason I feel this way.

i started working for a well known fast food franchise in November 2012 now I work damn hard I don’t slack off I’m never late and I give 100% yet this wasnt enough for a certain female manager , she made my life hell always picking ( for want of a better word) on me , especially in front of the male staff, calling me fat and saying soon people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between my boobs and my belly, asking if I wanted to sleep with various members of staff, calling me a dirty bitch, I already had low self esteem and she was making me feel degraded , others heard stuff she said but turned the other way, eventually I took out a grievence but lost because it was my word against hers and even though the manager who did the grievence meeting was clear in saying she was well known in and around the franchise and he believed me nothing could be done it was word against word, this all made me so ill my weight soared as did my anxiety levels but eventually after a few months off sick I tried to return to work however the way I was spoke to it was clear life there was going to be difficult so today I left , now I’m at risk of having no home even going to prison as I can’t afford to pay bills that have piled up on top of that I have a 14 yr old daughter to care for anod today she said to me not to worry about her birthday it was ok she is so special, I will beg steal and borrow to make sure she does not go without, because I’m not entitled to benefits as I made myself jobless so MR pocket lining franchise owner I really hope you can sleep at night because I cant because the staff you hire to run your company are no more than bullies out to line yours and their pockets at the expensive of the staff below them

the aliens have landed

if I said we are bored that would be an understatement, even radio aire aint doing………so here we are Hot John not so Silent J and me sat here on the Hugo bus waiting and I don’t even know what we are waiting for, an invasion maybe, im thinking theres already been one because the clearing is empty not a person in sight , well apart from this guy cleaning his already clean car , I did go do my hey jump aboard the bus speech n he was kind enough to at least pretend he was interested in what I was saying .

we really need a megaphone or maybe the 2 J’s idea of food stalls yes fast food selling would sure do it, but do they even have burgers on mars oops sorry ive been sharing the lotus cakes , yes my mistake , note to ones self ‘ I am sat on the lil bus in the clearings waiting hoping dreaming even of some kind of civilisation , hang on I hear noises outside uh ok so its just the bus heating thingy , omg now im imagining people are here.

whats really amazing is we are offering free wifi , but what we need is publicity so I have now made it my mission to go around the local elderly homes n drum up some major interest and of course check them out for when I need to sign into one 🙂

well guys im mind blank today not sure if its the rain or the invasion but either way im outta here n guys n remember DONT eat any pink flowers…